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Roldaïce, mage gobelin
“ Roldice, Goblin Mage ”
by Cédric Baer © Cédric Baer

Greetings, beautiful enchantresses and mighty wizards! Let me introduce myself: Roldice, Goblin Mage. Welcome in my humble domain. If you want to discover fantastic worlds, to encounter new allies and to face terrible foes, then grab your magic staff and follow me in my adventures!

The texts presented on this website were initially published in the form of monthly articles in the french magazines Lotus Noir (november 2002 to may 2005) and Mana Rouge (august 2005 to december 2006).

These stories are inspired of the universe of the Magic: the Gathering® trading card game. They take place in the worlds designed and developped for this game by Wizards of the Coast®, present characters and mention events from this universe.

However, they do not belong to the official storyline of the game. You will find all the official information about Magic: the Gathering® on Wizards of the Coast®’s website.

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